Hi! My name is Carly DelVecchio.

I am a wife, soon-to-be mama, part-time social work student, and (most importantly) a follower of Jesus.

I began struggling with my mental health at 12 yrs. Countless counseling appointments, missed days of schools, psychotropic medication trials, and tears ensued. Some of the interventions helped, while some of them caused more damage. The medications I was prescribed provided little relief...and they came with a host of unpleasant side effects. In my early 20's, I finally found a combination of medications that enabled me to function well, though I still struggled with symptoms of anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and depression.

Enter Q Sciences. At first, I was skeptical. Micronutrients to improve brain health? Independent research studies with positive results? Countless testimonials to back up the science? It sounded too good to be true! But I decided to give Q Core Q Max a shot, and I am SO THANKFUL I did! Since starting Q Core Q Max, I've noticed improved mood, increased mental clarity, and an increased capacity for stress. Not one of the psychotropic medications I've tried in the past have given me such noticeable results.

Now I'm on a mission - to help other people with mental health challenges live abundantly IN SPITE OF their diagnoses. I accomplish this by sharing my story via my blog (jesuscoffeeandprozac.com) and by connecting people with Q Sciences.

Will you join me?