I spend a lot of time - probably too much time - on social media.  Instagram is my go-to social media platform, but I remain faithful to Facebook even though my younger sisters have informed me that it's no longer "cool".  I don't post to Instagram as often as some; I prefer to scroll through the share-worthy moments of other people's lives and beat myself up for the ways in which my own life falls short.  

To illustrate, just this morning I saw a post from a college friend who's soaking up every blissful moment of her honeymoon with her new husband, a post from a businesswoman celebrating the arrival of her newborn daughter, a post from a family member currently enjoying a beach vacation with her beautiful family, and a post from a couple announcing that their unborn baby is a BOY!  Meanwhile, this morning I overslept, skipped church, and am currently laying on my couch wearing a t-shirt covered in cat hair, drinking cold coffee and trying to convince myself that cleaning the fish tank won't be as bad as I imagine.  Call me crazy, but I don't think many people would enjoy viewing the messy moments that make up my reality.

It really doesn't make much sense.  I get absolutely no satisfaction from this comparison game, but yet every morning I wake up and resume playing.  The first 10 minutes of my day are typically spent with phone in hand, and by the time I crawl out of bed I'm already overwhelmed by waves of self-pity.  Can anyone else relate?  

I've decided it ends today.  Instead of spending the first moments of my day playing the comparison game, I'm going to try a different strategy.  


At 3:00 PM and 9:00 PM tonight, I'll be sharing (via Instagram) a few things for which I'm especially grateful.  (And yes, the photos will probably be blurry and my coffee will likely be cold!)  If you'd like to join me, use the hashtag: #grateFUL7.8.18 to share what you're thankful for!

Love Always,