the pitfalls of shopping while hungry

I left the house yesterday morning without packing myself a healthy snack to eat later on.  BIG MISTAKE.  By the time I clocked out, I was really hungry.  Given the state I was in, a trip to Target to purchase hummus was the most logical next step.  (Because when is a trip to Target ever not justified?!)  Upon entering the store, I grabbed a shopping cart just in case.  (Note: When one is purchasing a singular, lightweight item, a shopping cart is not needed.)  

20 minutes and $30.00 later, I left Target with a bag of spring mix, three Oui yogurts, a bag of baby carrots, two different types of chocolate, three legal pads, a jar of General Tso's stir fry sauce...and a container of hummus.  

What did I learn from this experience?  

1.  Exercise speeds up your metabolism.  If you work out before leaving for work, you WILL get hungry before the end of the day.  Take five minutes and PACK A SNACK (or a lunch...depending on the length of your shift)!  

2.  DO NOT go to Target when you're hungry.  

3.  If you grab a shopping cart, you're going to end up buying more than you need.  

4.  The chocolate was DELICIOUS (as usual).